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More than 20 years of experience

Our wine auctions are a great place for connaisseurs with a fine sense for wine and its history, collectors and people with a feel for festive occasions. A special moment becomes even more special with a good wine. But a fine wine can also be a valuable investment. For more than 20 years, KOPPE & PARTNER WEINAUKTIONEN GbR has held auctions in several big cities in Germany on a regular basis. We carefully choose attractive locations with a unique atmosphere to provide a suitable setting. In addition, we offer an online auction once a month. With our auctions, we support vendors in clearing out their wine cellars and help buyers expanding theirs.But see for yourself. Enter one of our auctions and benefit from our experience and knowledge.

How it works

We offer auction sales of wines in the name and on behalf of our vendors. They trust us with their precious wines which are then evaluated and catogorized by our experienced specialists. Every wine will be listed as an item, a so-called "lot", in our wine catalog. A lot consists of a single bottle or serveral bottles of the same or different wines. You can either view the catalog online or request a printed version free of charge by completing the contact form.

In order to enter one of our auctions, you need to register on auction day. Once you provided your name and address, you will receive a bidder number. The individual lots will be offered at a minimum price which is below the assessed value. Participants can then bid using a pre-defined process. Also, you can enter written bids online or per fax 4 weeks prior to auction day. These bids will then enter the actual auction as if you were present. Thus, you do not need to physically be there in order to buy your favorite wines.

By taking part in our online or traditional auctions, you agree to our auction terms and conditions.