The auction catalogue serves a an entry ticket to the auction room.


Bidders must complete and sign the registration form at the entrance and provide personal identification upon which they will be issued with a bidder number. Without a bidder number it is not possible to submit valid bids at auction.
Internet: Prospective customers should register either by using their client number and their address or by providing us with their credit card data and their address. You will then be requested to choose a user name and a password. Valid Registration is prerequisite to making a bid at auction.


Prospective Buyers who cannot personally attend an auction are welcome to enter written bids by completing the commission bid form at the end of the catalogue and submitting the form no later than 2 days prior to auction or alternatively appoint a proxy to bid on their behalf. In this case, express written permission to bid on behalf of the Buyer will be necessary.
Internet: bidding for items ensues directly in the catalogue online. Please follow the detailed instructions accordingly. Should you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us at +49-421-242455.


Bidding for items (lots) will always commence at the opening price as stated in the catalogue or as in the addendum that is issued on the day of the sale. The opening price is fixed at a level well below the current trade price.
Explanation of catalogue descriptions:


Lots will be auctioned according to their estimated value within the following price increments:

up to € 499,- € 10,-
€ 500 to € 999,- € 20,-
€ 1000 to € 1999,- € 50,-
above € 2000,- € 100,-


Bidders are kindly asked to make their bid in a definitive manner by holding up their bidder number so that the auctioneer can register the bid. Other forms of hand signals will not be accepted.
Internet: Irrespective of the highest current bid, you can decide at any time over the maximum amount of your bid


The hammer strike will be given to the highest bidder after calling out a Lot 3 times at the price increment above the highest bid.
Internet: The lot will be awarded to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.


Bidder Numbers are to be returned to the auctioneer at the end of the auction


Buyers interested in unsold lots can purchase the same during the following 7 days after auction at the stated minimum price in the catalogue. The same conditions of sale as in auction also apply here.


The following guide to bottle sizes and abbreviations applies throughout the catalogue:

  •  0,375 = half Bottle
  •  0,75 l = normal Bottle
  •  1,50 l = Magnum
  •  2,25 l = Marie-Jeanne
  •  3,00 l = Double Magnum
  •  4,50 l = Jeroboam (till 1978)
  •  5,00 l = Jeroboam
  •  6,00 l = Imperiale
  •  HK = Wood case
  •  OC = Original Carton
  •  OHK = Original Wood case
  •  Paymant Info